To Facebook: I Apologize

As readers will know I am currently blocked from accessing my Facebook account and I initially blamed, at first, hackers and then Facebook, but it seems the real culprit behind the block was, actually, me.

You see I made a post or comment suggesting that what happened in Dallas in ’63 with JFK could happen to Trump in 2017 and I now realize and accept that this post/comment was in poor taste.

So to Facebook and to President Trump I would like to publicly apologize for my comment which was posted in the heat of the moment and done so without any thought of the consequences that could arise from making such a comment.

To Facebook, who I later blamed for the block, I would like to say that I was wrong to blame you for blocking me and that I should have known better and that I will be deleting all previous blog posts where I blamed you for the block.

In return I humbly ask that my account be restored and along with that I give an iron clad guarantee that I will not make any post or comment that could be seen as being against Facebook’s T&C’s of use.

In conclusion, I once again apologize for my stupidity in making a comment that I shouldn’t have. I have learned a lot from this experience and it’s something I will not repeat in the near future.



Well, it’s certainly been an interesting five months since Donald took office and now it’s beginning to feel like time is almost up for President Trump.

This is what you get when someone runs for office who has no political experience whatsoever and treats the Presidency more like a successful business deal or acquisition.

The GOP should cut their losses now and just get him the fuck out of there because this isn’t going to get any better for him, the GOP or America.

And remember, the US has mid-term elections in 2018 and judging by the video clips we’ve seen from GOP town hall meetings, it’s looking more and more like the GOP, because of Trump and his rhetoric, will lose control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

And when that happens, and trust me it will, not only will Trump not be able to pass legislation but the GOP will be scratching their heads asking, “How did we end up here?”.

I’ll tell how. You endorsed and supported an inexperienced person who is more of a businessman and showman (or should that be showoff) than a President.

David Dao and United Airlines

So as everyone may know by now David Dao was the man dragged off a United Airlines flight this past week because of a stuff up by the airline.

Now since the incident it’s been announced by his lawyer that he plans to sue, and rightfully so.

But some information has come to light that the prosecution could use against him which could jeopardize the case, although in my opinion I don’t think it’ll even come up.

It seems Mr Dao is a winning poker player and even though I’m grasping at straws here the prosecution could make the claim that he’s only suing because he’s in debt due to his gambling.

As I say this may not come up at all but since the media’s now got a hold of it, and has begun reporting on it, I do believe the prosecution could do some intense checking into his gambling history.